Haiku Hell

17. Ze was bekommerd om iedereens uiterlijk, behalve 't hare.

16. Remembering where you were makes you feel it was not quite you who was there.

15. Hij keek om (te vlug). Weg was zij, weg was het, weg was hij. Verjaagd (terug).

14. Ook de dood al dood. Alle leven uitgeleefd. En bang, en tot dwang.

13. Your death is at least somebody else's inspiring experience.

12. To give reasons is not to have excuses but to try to find them.

11. Not more enlightenment but more Renaissance; sun rather than spotlight.

10. Many are in me. Privacy - hypocrisy. I am in many.

9.2. 'Be ready to be happy' is for predators preparing their prey.

9.1. 'Living as you should': insufficient to create life as it should be.

8.4. 'Special' isn't: a bit different in everything, it's new in one thing.

8.3. It's not mediocre to be like all others! Just do something new.

8.2. Being mainstream is as important as being an independent.

[I would hate that the few are right in condemning the very many.]

8.1. If no-one 'gets' you, yóu haven't understood it. You have said nothing

7. People, at first I did not dare to approach them; now, I don't want to.

6. When you play to win; relations are at best draws. Anything else works.

5. We don't know what we mean. If we would we'd be God. And even He's not.

4. The facts are strongly overrated, they're too many to be meaningful.

3. Emperors need no clothes. Discussion of their clothing is mental strip-tease.

2. The collector's mind's set: pin each particular down, let nothing fly.

1. To count your blessings: as it is easy to count, it's where most leave it.

[But, mostly, I'm just bored]

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